The Aquarius Zodiac Sign

The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarians might not be the most obvious people to point out, but they certainly have one of the largest impacts on society. They are humanitarians at heart and always seek to make the world a better place. While every sign has its pros and cons, these attributes are difficult to place for an Aquarius. Maybe this is because as an air sign, they have a constant flow that can’t always be read.

With a better understanding the Aquarius Zodiac sign, you’ll more easily be able to spot these water signs among your friends or new people you meet. This is beneficial for a wide range of reasons, from personal to business.

An Overview of the Aquarius Zodiac Sign

DatesJanuary 20 – February 18
ElementFixed Air
Ruling HouseEleventh
Ruling PlanetUranus and Saturn
SymbolThe Water Bearer

Aquarians are independent, individualist beings. While they enjoy having large groups of friends, above all they love spending their time thinking. This is why Aquarians are so difficult to pinpoint, they are easily lost in thought or just seem aloof.

There’s a strong sense of social justice when it comes to being an Aquarius, always want to do the right thing. They even try to force, albeit subtly, their vision onto others. This is why they know so many people, because secretly there’s always an agenda at play.

But don’t let that dissuade you from trusting them. While they may seem detached and stubborn, people that fall under the Aquarius Zodiac sign will do anything for someone they love or trust.

Blue Zodiac Sign Aquarius Illustration

Aquarian Zodiac Characteristics

Personality Traits for Aquarius

Aquarians are thinkers, philosophers, and teachers. They are forward thinking yet are not likely to budge from their perspective once they’ve spent enough time thinking about it and understanding it. They have a very clear motive and inject their inherent intelligence and innovative energy into it (whether you agree or not).

Because of their “fixed” attribute, they can wholly dedicate themselves to something. Whether that something is a project, a person, an idea, or a social principle, they’re in it until the end. This ability also allows them to challenge those ideas, testing their relevance.

In general, you’ll find that those born with the Aquarius sign are visionaries, accepting of others, inventive, and love their freedom. There’s a lot to love about an Aquarius.

Aquarian Strengths

Innovative problem solving is an Aquarian’s most notable strength. They are always up for the challenge of approaching a problem with an inventive, creative solution brought through abstract thought. Luckily an Aquarian doesn’t give up so easily, as their way of thinking is not always accepted by those around them.

Their ability to push away adversity and stick to their own way comes from the inherent feeling of being different than the mainstream. They’re something of radical beings, though not in a violent sense. More as a leader that’s praised for being ahead of their time.

The Aquarius Zodiac sign stipulates curiosity, cleverness, and sometimes wit into its people. They’re always ready and willing to overanalyze objects, people, and personalities to figure out their inner mechanics. With all of these great strengths, Aquarians rarely shy away from taking risks in life, love, and career.


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Aquarian Weaknesses

The mental strengths brought about by the Water Bearer can quickly become one of their worst weaknesses. Lost in thought and always looking forward, an Aquarian can easily appear cold, detached, and lacking emotions. This is even true in relationships, often leading to a breakup. That’s not to say an Aquarian lacks emotion, they just appear that way no matter how strongly they feel towards someone.

Lost in thought and always organizing or trying to solve the events of life as if it were one large puzzle waiting to be put together, Aquarius is a sign that’s difficult to relate to. As intelligent as they are, the Water Bearer didn’t grant them the ability to see something at the surface level.

In relation to others, Aquarius is a great judge of character. This is often taken too far where they latch on to someone’s mistakes and refuse to let go. Isolation is the consequence of such actions. As much as Aquarians love to have a group around, they are often alone after being shunned or building walls too thick for others to break through. In practice, Aquarius is a gossip and a bit too nosy, though these are attributes that can easily be controlled with enough effort. Their thirst for knowledge and understanding something gets the better of them. And mixed with a cool exterior, it doesn’t make for a pleasant experience for others.

Zodiac Sign Aquarius Artwork

Compatibility for Aquarius

Earth Signs are Aquarius’s Main Opposition

While there’s never any perfectly compatible or incompatible pairing, earth signs are generally the hardest for an Aquarian to be with. Every sign has its ups-and-downs, but all earth signs are a little too challenging for those under the Water Bearer. This is fundamentally true, too, as an air and earth are opposites—free-flowing versus solid.

Other Air Signs Are the Perfect Match

There’s nothing quite like two Aquarians together, as it might be something close to perfection. But any of the air signs are great for Aquarius, naturally. Freedom of expression, intellectuality, and creativity are all traits shared and valued in air signs. And there are no qualms for those under the Water Bearer about being with someone just like themselves.

The Aquarian Mantra

You’ll hear Aquarius say “I know” more often than anything else. It’s not meant to come across as classist. More as a way of saying that as an Aquarian, they’ve already considered this topic and its outcomes.

As philosophers, those under the Water Bearer are serious thinkers about all things right and just when it comes to society, politics, and even the new age of technology. It’s all about building a better world, and they absolutely know what it takes to transform us into that utopia.