The Aries Zodiac Sign

The Truth About the Aries Zodiac Sign

The fiery, eager Aries is symbolized by the Ram and claims the first House in the Zodiac. While the Zodiac as a whole is meant to be thought of as a cycle rather than linear, it certainly starts of strong putting the Ram first.

This is all to say that those born under the Ram also see themselves as first, ahead of the rest and leading the pack. A lot of fire signs are similar in many ways, especially with such explosive personalities. But with a better understanding of the Aries Zodiac sign, you’ll be able to point them out in a sea of people and utilize their strengths (or weaknesses) to your advantage.

An Overview of an Aries, the Ram

DatesMarch 21 – April 19
ElementCardinal Fire
Ruling HouseFirst
Ruling PlanetMars
SymbolThe Scales

Aries are full of personality and very confrontational. They rule the first House, and that’s a direct reflection of the Aries way. They are the sign to call upon when you need to kickstart a project, as the Ram is full of initiative, running head-first into anything along the path. But it doesn’t go much further than that, as those who claim the Aries Zodiac sign are not much of completionists.

Don’t misconstrue the facts, though. Those ruled by the Ram are certainly doers and leaders, but they love the initiation of a something. Gathering people, expelling their fiery energy out into the world towards a purpose, and heading straight for a challenge. These are what defines an Aries.

The Aries Zodiac sign provides charm and charisma to those born under it. And this blend allows them to stride strongly forward, marching towards a new frontier.

Blue Zodiac Sign Aries Illustration

An Aries’s Characteristics

Personality Traits of an Aries

First and foremost, you’ll find that an Aries is assertive. They have an outward energy that drives them towards a challenge. Ruled by Mars, they embody this war-like energy and act as if every interaction is a battle to be won or a challenge to be conquered. It’s an admirable quality and one that makes them such great leaders, especially as a cardinal sign.

They are quite fearless people, as you may imagine with the Ram as its symbol. They aren’t afraid to act impulsively or uninhibited and thrive in crises. This is true is relationships, too. They are always eager and ready to test the grounds of something new with someone at their side—or more likely right behind them.

Adventure and excitement are cravings the Aries Zodiac sign imbues within its people. They are an incredible travel companion, leading the way through the unknown. In this, they require someone who can keep up because, let’s face it, Aries are a bit headstrong.

Aries Strengths

Possibly the most honorable trait is the Aries ability to be direct. They aren’t afraid to be confrontational and actually prefer it. With their war-like attitude, being confrontational is just another battle to be waged and won. While this is often said in a negative sense, it’s really something to admire. An Aries led by the Ram gets things done, can clear the air of negativity, and though the beginning might be tense they often leave it much clearer than before.

As you could assume, courage is another great strength for the Aries Zodiac sign. They are the first to volunteer their assistance when the going gets tough and can be the voice of encouragement when needed. This allows them to forgo any self-doubts and do it anyway in the face of fear.

Aries will fight for the ones the love, in relationships and friendships. They see you as a companion, an equal. Though they recognize your shortcoming, they are more than willing and ready to fight on your behalf.


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Aries Weaknesses

Impulsiveness may be trumped by impatience for someone ruled by the Ram. It would be foolish to expect someone with as much energy as an Aries to patiently wait for something to happen. No, they make it happen. But this can also be too much for someone on the other end to bear. In this way, an Aries may not get what they want, essentially losing the battle and letting out all of their fiery energy onto someone undeserving of rage.

Speaking of rage, they are also known to be quite aggressive. An inherently headstrong person can’t get very far if they don’t force their way. This can be off-putting to others and seen has harsh, cruel, or blunt depending on the situation. While an Aries wants to win, they also need the support of their followers. If there’s no one left to congratulate them on a victory, then they can’t claim to be victorious.

The worst possible quality for the Aries Zodiac sign is their lack of quality communication. While they can be heavy talkers, a lot of it is meaningless or surface level. They take advice or recommendations as if it were an insult. A sort of challenge that you’re telling them they failed because they didn’t learn this lesson directly from experience.

Zodiac Sign Aries Artwork

Compatibility for an Aries

Water Signs Are a No-Go for Aries

Aries have the most difficult time relating to water signs. Of course, they are elemental opposites so in truth there is little meaningful compatibility between the two without snuffing each other out. Water signs take away all of the attributes that make an Aries what it is.

Aries Have Great Affinity for Other Fire and Air Signs

As the saying goes, you can’t fight fire with fire. With the Aries Zodiac, another fire sign only helps spread the energy further. It’s a perfect, albeit dangerous, relationship that both parties benefit from. Even air signs help an Aries, as fanning a flame only makes it larger. They are complementary and help each other along in possibly a safer way than fire and fire.

The Aries Zodiac Mantra

Because the Ram is so assertive, expressive, and energetic, the only fitting phrase for an Aries is “I am”. While they certainly love the support they get from others, they put themselves on a pedestal and see most people as their follower.