The Pisces Zodiac Sign

All You Need to Know About the Pisces Zodiac Sign

It’s likely symbolic that most illustrations for the Pisces Zodiac sign are of two fish in something of a yin-yang formation. Because Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac, it makes sense that it amalgamates traits from all previous symbols in a circular formation. It implies motion, forwardness, and starting again as the Zodiac is a cycle, not a linear chart.

People ruled by the Two Fish are very spiritual beings, focusing heavily on their feelings and the feelings of others. After reading more on the qualities and traits of Pisces, you may be able to seek out a true therapeutic friendship or better avoid them if your sign is opposing.

Pisces Zodiac Overview

DatesFebruary 19 – March 20
ElementMuted Water
Ruling HouseTwelfth
Ruling PlanetJupiter and Neptune
SymbolThe Two Fish

Pisces are often associated with secrecy and sacrifice. They’re on a quest to find the meaning of life and they’re willing to sacrifice themselves along the way, for better or worse. Their focus on enlightenment is astounding even if it gets the better of them. And the Pisces association with secrecy stems from their inherent intuition and quiet personalities.

As a muted sign, those born under the Two Fish are devout followers. This shouldn’t be confused with weakness, though. It’s more of an aversion to privilege than it is for the need to have a leader as Pisces choose to follower (or at least think they do).

In their silence, those who fall under the Pisces Zodiac sign often seam uncaring or indifferent. In fact, they can be very opinionated but don’t want to express it because they don’t want to make waves within the crowd. They’re followers, not leaders, so they keep their opinions and emotions to themselves.

Blue Zodiac Sign Pisces Illustration

Characteristics of Pisces

Pisces Personality Traits

One thing you’ll notice among all Pisces is their inner awareness, contemplation of the self. Those ruled by the Two Fish are on a journey to self-discovery with self-sacrifice sprinkled along every step. They seek happiness and fulfillment and will take the path they think is most worthy of their sacrifice, because they will give their entire self to the cause. They’re known as seekers, always in search of enlightenment.

Because the Pisces Zodiac is a water sign, those who are born under it are adaptive and fluid in nature. They shift their selves and attention towards the road that leads them to selflessness, aimed at the greater good. They are incredibly caring people, always ready to help others even if it means sacrificing a piece of themselves.

You’ll find that Pisces are lovers of art and music, feeling a deep connection and almost a faith-like approach to its interpretation. This absolutely makes sense as followers, as in they are looking for meaning throughout the world.

Pisces Strengths

The greatest strength of a Pisces is compassion. They have an inherent sympathetic nature that allows them to intuitively relate and seem relatable. They believe in there is good in everyone and everything, often looking far beyond any obvious negativities in search of that goodness. That’s the seeker for you.

These people ruled by the Two Fish give themselves completely to their partners in a relationship, whether it’s romantic or a friendship. They love whole-heartedly, always willing to create the deepest possible connection with a partner. Passion is a definitive strength for a Pisces, offering blind loyalty and care. This comes from being a water sign, fluidity and motion rule their actions.

Pisces are often associated with meditation, and rightfully so. There’s something to say about keeping the wonder that’s lost after childhood. Those born under the Two Fish rarely lose all of that child-like wonder. When the world around them becomes overwhelmingly sterile, they retreat into a meditative state to recuperate. It’s a quality to admire, as wonderment is something most people wish they could regain.


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Pisces Weaknesses

As with any muted element, the Pisces Zodiac sign is a follower through and through. While that can be something of a strength, they often don’t create their own paths of life. This leads them down the path of someone else in which they can easily be taken advantage of. Vulnerability is one of their greatest weaknesses.

And as vulnerable as Pisces are, they often give too much of the self away forcing codependency upon them. Clingy and needy Pisces are not exactly the best type of people to have around, as one can imagine. The worst is that many people know how easy they are to take advantage of and will do so in an instant.

People ruled under the Two Fish often absorb the toxicity of others, which can be linked to their compassion. They’re drawn to people of this nature because they seek the good out of them, but in doing so they are drained of the self and allow negativity into their own lives.

Zodiac Sign Pisces Artwork

Compatibility for the Pisces Zodiac Sign

Fire Signs are a Pisces’ Main Opponent

Fiery and fierce, fire signs are an obvious opponent to Pisces in the Zodiac. They are elemental opposites to the end. Fire signs are overwhelmingly direct and easily take advantage of a Pisces’ calm and soothing nature. Pisces are much too private and in search of the self to be involved with the calamity that fire signs bring. 

Pisces Have an Affinity for Water and Earth Signs

Pisces love being with other water signs, as they share much of the same outlook and goal for life. Water blends well with water, only adding to its overall heft. Earth signs are complementary, as earth and water are harmonious in nature. Pisces helps an earth sign flourish, as is dictated by their natural calling to support.

The Mantra of a Pisces

“I believe” is the phrase you’ll best associate with a Pisces. It’s the voice of faith, reason, and ideality giving you the proof that this person ruled by the Two Fish understands. This meant as an understanding of what is required and what they are willing to sacrifice to help you. It’s the difference between passion and cold intellect, or creativity over truth.