The Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Signs of the Zodiac: Scorpio

There are only two sides to life for a Scorpio: black and white. Middle ground doesn’t exist for the Scorpion, it’s either one or the other and you need to pick your side.

People born under the eighth Zodiac sign, Scorpio, are serious people. The get straight to business, digging down to find those percolate those hidden areas full of secrets and truth. This sign of the Zodiac shrouds its people in mystery, but the Scorpion is their symbol for a reason. Watch out for their sting.

An Overview of the Scorpion

DatesOctober 23 – November 21
ElementFixed Water
Ruling HouseEighth
Ruling PlanetMars and Pluto
SymbolThe Scorpion

Scorpios absolutely love investigating, uncovering secrets, and solving mysteries. They are serious, always asking the hard questions and forgoing any sense of compassion when necessary. This is how they uncover all of those deeply buried secrets. But don’t worry, a Scorpio is quiet and rarely gossips even when they hold all of the truth necessary to take down an opponent.

This is exactly why the Scorpion represents the eighth house. They are patient and wait to strike, but when they do it can be deadly. Trust a Scorpio with your life, but never turn on them otherwise you’ll see a side that you could have never imagined.

They are represented by the element of water, but a deep water that is hidden and unseen, waveless and with motion you can feel but not see. A true representation of their mystery.

Blue Zodiac Sign Scorpio Illustration

Characteristics of a Scorpio

Personality Traits for Scorpios

Those ruled by the Scorpion are shrouded in mystery and love uncovering secrets, but not sharing them. They are investigators at heart and always seek the black-and-white truth of any matter. It’s their power of concentration that keeps them terrifyingly focused on a person, idea, or project.

They bond whole-heartedly with their friends and lovers, even to the point of revealing their own secrets. Though they might be terrifyingly mysterious on the outside, within they are passionate and healing. Their profound ability to listen, understand, and uncover brings about both the best and worst in them.

In relationships, they are intimate once they’ve established a trust. They live and thrive deep in the unknown, so lifting them out of that realm takes time but it is well worth it in the end.

Strengths of a Scorpio

Optimism rules for a Sagittarian, they always seem the bright possibility of the road ahead, even if it’s shrouded in darkness. They easily feel happy and enthusiastic which is almost contagious. Even though they don’t want followers, it’s hard for others not to when they see such joy in a single person. Sags won’t turn these people away though; they enjoy the company because they know they’ll move on to the next place soon enough.

With optimism comes confidence for those ruled by the Archer. They are loners who push themselves forward, confident with every step that they’re on the right path. Their attitude reflects how miniscule they are in the grand scheme of the universe. Everything works out exactly how it should.

A Sagittarian is least likely to be materialistic, valuing knowledge much more than physical things. They don’t want anything to hold them in place because they enjoy the freedom that comes with the one life we all get.


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Weaknesses of a Scorpio

People born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign are easily obsessive. They seek to uncover the truth and latch on to who or what they think will allow them to access it. This makes it difficult for them to adapt to change or let go. They can easily hold a grudge.

Scorpios can be manipulative, especially when pressed to reveal their own insecurities. If they haven’t been brought to fully trust you, then it’s not in your best interest to provoke them. They will immediately call out your flaws and use your weaknesses against you, seemingly for no reason at times.

As their water sign is calm, deep, and dark, they have an uncomfortable attachment to the dark side of life. They love occult and taboo ideas or objects, and that can be fairly off-putting to people who don’t know them very well. It can even lead them to see nefarious motives where they don’t exist, causing paranoia.

Zodiac Sign Scorpio Artwork

Compatibility with a Scorpio

Fire Signs Are the Worst for the Scorpion

Though both the Scorpion and fire signs enjoy power, they don’t necessarily use it in the same way. Fire signs are impulsive and explosive whereas Scorpios are calmer, more patient. They may seek the same end but the path to get there is far too different.

Water Signs Are the Perfect Match, with Earth Not Far Behind

The Scorpio Zodiac sign is a water sign, so compatibility with other water signs is always positive. Though they may be represented by different types of water, the psychic energy and creativity that flows through the blood of all water signs is insurmountable. Scorpios thrive with others like them.

Earth signs are a direct complement to the Scorpion. They bring practicality and structure to the flowy, emotive Scorpio. Especially with Scorpios being so patient and calm (until they’re not), earth signs help keep them planted.

The Mantra for Scorpios

While Scorpios always have a definite motive, their phrase is better suited as “I desire”. This is because they wish to know the inner workings of people and ideas rather than a need to know it. Although they do get obsessed with one thing from time to time, they don’t require knowledge on every person they meet or every opportunity that comes their way.

Scorpios seek power. They want to know all they can, especially secrets, about one thing rather than little bits of information about everything. This gives them the power of true knowledge and the power to destroy, if needed.