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Name a visible Star

360 kr 400 kr
  • Name a guaranteed visible star. Select the brightness of your star.

  • Your star will be registered with the International Space Registry.

  • You will enjoy access to our planetarium app and software.



Constellation Star

490 kr 550 kr
  • Name a star from a constellation. Select the constellation and brightness of your star.

  • Easy to locate in the night sky.

  • Your star will be registered with the International Space Registry.

  • You will enjoy access to our planetarium app and software.



Two orbiting Stars

900 kr 1 150 kr
  • Name two rare orbiting stars. Select the brightness of your stars.

  • The perfect way to celebrate a special bond between two people.

  • Your star will be registered with the International Space Registry.

  • You will enjoy access to our planetarium app and software.


Star Naming Guide

Name a Star After Your Friend or Family Member

When you are next shopping for a present for your friends or family members, why not name a star after them? Each star, just like each person in our life, has a unique story to tell, and as we are all so connected to the stars that live above us, it’s an exciting present that will bring them years of enjoyment. Instead of buying the same boring gifts year after year, presenting your family members with a star that you’ve named after them will allow them to be part of the night sky forever. Keep reading to discover more about how you can name a star and the different packages on offer.

Name a Star – Three Different Packages to Choose From

When it comes to purchasing a star, you’ll find that this is something you can do for literally any occasion. Whether you are looking for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or baptism gift, you’ll find that naming a star is a special gift that would be suitable for any of these occasions. We know that different occasions require you to work with different budgets, which is why we offer three different packages to suit everyone’s needs. These are the options you can select from, all of which will still allow you to name a star as part of the purchase:

  • Silvernova – Choosing to name a star doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, thanks to our Silvernova package. This entry-level package is an enticing offer for anyone who is looking for the most basic package. You can be sure that this gift will still wow the recipient, as you’ll receive a certificate, a high-quality presentation folder, and access to our online planetarium.
  • Supernova – If you are looking to splash out a little more on the gift, name a star with our Supernova package. This package includes a star from a well-known constellation, which makes it easier to find your star at night in the sky. You may even be able to view it with the bare eye when the weather and light conditions are good. Apart from everything we mentioned above in the previous package, you’ll also receive a lovely greetings card that you can use to share a personal message with your family member to celebrate their special occasion.
  • Duonova – When you are looking to name a star for a couple, the Duonova package would be the perfect option. This allows you to name a rare binary star, so you are purchasing a set of two stars. You’ll receive a star map in the folder, which makes it easier to find your binary star in the sky, so it’s the ideal gift for a wedding, anniversary, or another important milestone in a couple’s life.

Register Your Star on the International Space Registry

One of the best things about choosing to name a star with our company is that you are guaranteed that your purchase will be placed on the International Space Registry. If you aren’t aware of what this register is, it’s a well-known private star register worldwide and has an excellent reputation within the industry. The register lists stars which have been named around the world, so you can be sure you have purchased an authentic gift for your friend or family member. Over 5000 customers so far have trusted us with this purchase, and you can be sure you’ll be in good hands throughout the buying process.

Need a Gift for Tomorrow? No Problem!

So many of us tend to leave shopping for gifts until the last minute, which can make it almost impossible to find something special for our loved ones in time. If you have a birthday party you need to attend tomorrow, the great news is that you can name a star and receive an email certificate straight away. Your certificate is sent via email for you to print out, and then you can always give them the rest of the package the next time you see them or send it via the mail. Otherwise, your gift set will be sent within just three days, and when you place an order by 3 pm, we process all of those orders on the same day. We understand that gift-giving is often incredibly stressful, so we’ll take all of the pressure out of your hands and take care of you every step of the way.

Name a Star With a Personal Message

When you name a star, you have full control over how you title it. You could opt to use the recipient’s real name or go for a made-up name or something that’s inspired by a TV show or movie they love. You can even choose to use a double-barrel name, so as you can see, there are absolutely no limits when it comes to choosing to name a star. The name that you select is added to the certificate for the star baptism, and then it’s added to the register also. On top of that, you also have full flexibility when it comes to choosing the date of the star, so you can pick a date that’s special to the person you are gifting a star to.

We know that no two people in your life are the same, which is why no two stars we sell will ever be identical. Naming a star offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wow your family member and impress them with the thought and effort you’ve put into their birthday, graduation, wedding, or anniversary gift. You can be sure that when they open the star and see that you chose to name a star after them, they’ll be absolutely blown away and overwhelmed by the love and care you’ve shown for them. The great thing about naming a star is that it’s the ideal gift for anyone in your life, including those people who literally have everything. For more information about how to name a star, contact our friendly team today, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.