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The Gemini Man

May 21st to June 21st

He Loves a Challenges

The man under the zodiac sign Gemini loves a challenge. A flower he can pick too easily withers in his hands. He loves variety and rarely commits to anyone. This also speaks for the ease he goes through life with.

Stimulating conversations and verbal arguments can be considered as foreplay with him, as long as she is a worthy opponent. Moreover, he likes educated women who do not reveal every thought because the mysterious really attracts the Gemini man. 

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Variety Please

A partner should not spoil him too much. If she immediately reveals everything about herself, he quickly loses interest. It's similar in his job, if the Gemini man has discovered a profession for himself, it has to offer variety. He can't do dull work. On an assembly line every day? Oh no! 

That's why you often see them in professions that take care of people, whether directly or indirectly. In the advertising industry, for example, he can give free rein to his boundless creativity every day. He can also act as a motivational coach and do a great job in the field. The Gemini man is a rhetorical genius. He infects his fellow people with his own enthusiasm.

But whether he is permanently suitable for this is doubtful. The Gemini man himself is very fickle. Just like a honey bee, he flies from one flower to the other. Nothing keeps him in one place for too long. That's why he makes an excellent foreign representative. He can travel to different countries and learn new languages along the way. Being able to also get to know new cultures should be the cherry on top for him. 


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