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Buy a star and surprise friends and family with this very special gift

Once again it is time to find an exciting and beautiful present for your beloved friend, your partner, your brother or another family member: Your search might come to an end here when you literally buy a star from us for them! With this special and unique present, you not only generate happiness and excitement but also opt for a gift sticked to a long-lasting memory – a gift that will be there no matter what will come in far future.

We offer you several different options considering the purchase of your star. They all have one in common: They can be individualised. This way, you can not only set the name of the star you buy but also the date and thus other information, e.g., the date of your wedding day, of a birthday or the day of a family’s child baptism.

Choose from different packages

Name a star and treat your beloved ones with it in a very special way: We bring you three different packages you can choose your favourite from:

You can decide for a star which is observable from your home country! This way the star can be seen at night depending on the weather. You might want to use a telescope or a camera to get the best view.

You can also buy a star which is part of a constellation. This is an interesting option for enthusiasts in astrology, astronomy or other similar hobbies with interest in the night sky.

Of course, we also offer you to not only buy one but multiple stars – a binary star to be exactly. This way you can arrange your present depending on the scenario, e.g., two stars are ideal for the marriage of close friends, one for each partner.

Every package includes a high-quality document acting as a record for the naming of your star or stars. This certificate is well-made and shows a lot of interesting details, attracting attention in the room you might want to hang it up. Of course, it also displays the name and the date you have chosen.

Name a star after someone and have the perfect gift for a lot of occasions

With the purchase and the naming of a star we present you an exceptional idea for a present which is leading to excitement and happiness at the giftee. It suits every occasion and every person, from adults to children: Birthdays, baptism, graduation, marriage – a star is a very special gift for everyone and you will surely be rewarded with astonishment and bright eyes when using a star as a gift. For you being able to display such an extraordinary gift, you will receive a small collection of presents. After the purchase and the naming, the star will be officially registered at the star-registry with its own and individual number of registration.

Besides the certificate for the naming of your star you will also receive a noble-made presentation folder and access to our online planetarium. This way, you can also see the night sky when it is broad daylight, when you are inside or when it is cloudy. You are only a few clicks away from this unique experience!

Silvernova is our most attractive offer at entry level

Do you want to give away a star and look for a low-priced option to do so? Then you may decide for our Silvernova package. This gift-package contains a star which is observable from USA. Besides the certificate considering the naming and the access to our online planetarium this option also includes the noble presentation folder.

Supernova package to give a way a star from a constellation

Do you want to give away a very special star? Then we would recommend to go for our Supernova package. It includes a star from a well-known constellation. The special position of the star (as part of a constellation) results in a fast recognition in the night sky – often even with the bare eye, depending on weather and light-level. Besides the certificate and a confirmation about the registration you can look forward receiving a beautifully designed greetings card. This results in a whole gift set – including the access to our online planetarium.

Duonova: Buy a rare binary star

Do you want to give away a really special and nearly unrivalled present? Then our Duonova package might be the best choice! With this set you buy two stars: A rare binary star! The Duonova package also includes a star map as part of the presentation folder which exactly shows the position of the binary star. Of course, also these stars will be registered officially using your asked name.

Choose a name of your liking

When you buy a star from us you can individually choose the name for it. You can go for a real name or for a fictional one. You can also register the star with a double barrel name – so you are not bound to one word considering the naming. The name you choose will be incorporated into the certificate for star baptism and into the actual registration entry, making your star individual and unique. When choosing the date you profit from the same flexibility: Choose any date you want to!

Trust our ideal price-performance ratio

When you buy a star from us and name it you can rely on a fair and well-balanced price-performance ratio. Every package is designed with love and consists of a beautifully composed gift set. But there is more: We guarantee a fast order processing: Your gift set will be sent to you within 3 days after the order has been placed and the payment was successful. Orders arriving before 3 p.m. will be processed on the same day. You do not have 3 days left until the gift is due? No problem! Just go for the e-mail variant and your certificate will be sent via e-mail so that you can print it out right away.

You are not sure about which star to choose or which package will be the best option for you? Reach out to our staff for an individual guidance: We will help you with joy finding the right star for you!

Registration at the International Space Register

We guarantee that every single star you purchase from us will be officially registered at the International Space Register (ISR). This is a private star register which is known worldwide and which has an outstanding reputation. The register has become one of the most respected catalogues for star naming worldwide during the last years.

Our stars are an excellent gift idea for friends, your loved ones, your partner or your children. Even for grandchildren, colleagues or distant relatives a star is a suitable present for several occasions which will surely leave a remarkable impression surprising the giftee and the people around you. Choose us to create your dreamlike moment with a special gift: A star. More than 5000 customers have trusted our unique offer.