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What is a Shooting Star

What is a Shooting Star?

The beautiful falling star you might have witnessed was merely bits of dust and rock from meteoroids or "space rocks". These meteoroids are so fast that as they approach the earth, they burn up. Yet, if any part of the shooting star does survive and lands on the earth, we call it a meteorite.

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Zodiac Signs in Order

The 12 Zodiac Signs in Order

What is the meaning of the 12 zodiac signs and what character traits are they said to have? In our free zodiac sign descriptions you will learn everything about the typical characteristics, character and behavior of the zodiac signs.

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What is a Star

What is a Star?

Stars - In past centuries, they were a point of orientation for sailors and explorers. Even today, we look up to them with admiration. Despite the most modern scientific knowledge, not all secrets of the luminous celestial bodies could be revealed until today. But what are stars actually and why have we humans been so fascinated by them since time immemorial?

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How to buy a Star

How to buy a Star?

It’s always great to get meaningful and thoughtful presents. Isn’t, it right? But it is much more comforting and satisfying to be one who gives surprises into the lives of the special ones. We all know that it is always a bit of hassle to find the right present. The most trending present right now is to buy a real star in the sky.

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What is a Constellation

What is a Constellation?

Constellations are groupings of stars in the form of configurations of objects in the sky. Astronomers study the constellations among other celestial objects such as sun, moon, planets and other phenomena in space.

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Famous Star Constellations

The most famous Constellations

There are 88 constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union. Some of them are better known, others less, others are part of the zodiac. We present you the most famous constellations, their history, their most famous stars and how you can find them in the night sky.

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What is a Star

every type of star there is

Although we all learn about stars when we are in primary school and perhaps even high school, not many of us actually know the various types of stars that are present in our solar system.

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Is the moon a star


It can get confusing trying to understand whether the moon is a star or a planet. After all, the solar system has all kinds of objects, from planets, to stars, to moons and galaxies (which are made up of moons). Let's see if the moon is actually a star.

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What is a Star

The 10 brightest starsin the sky

Whenever you are out camping or are enjoying a late night on a rooftop, you may be just as captivated by the stars as anyone else. However, you may also notice that a few of them shine brighter than others. So, let’s talk about the ten brightest stars in the night sky.

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