The Cancer Zodiac Sign

The Cancer Zodiac Sign: Everything You Need to Know

Represented by the Crab, the Cancer Zodiac sign represents strength and protection, especially emotionally. If you know someone with a huge family or at least a lover of the domestic life, then they’re more than likely a Cancer.

Though the Cancer Zodiac sign is a water sign, they do root themselves to their homes and family. Once you discover the pros, cons, and traits of a Cancer, you’ll know exactly how to handle them in all aspects of life.

An Overview of the Crab

DatesJune 21 – July 22
ElementCardinal Water
Ruling HouseFourth
Ruling PlanetMoon
SymbolThe Crab

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and is represented by the Crab as a cardinal water sign. This combination brings about a sense of maternity to its people. Maternity, in this sense, can mean literally and instinctively.

People ruled by the Crab often have incredibly large families. If taken figuratively, then this maternal aspect infers a protective strength towards the ones they love. They are caretakers throughout their entire lives, always looking out for people.

Cancers are emotional beings, often wearing their hearts of their sleeves and sharing what they feel with everyone around them. The Crab symbolizes a soft interior, emotional and caring, with a tough exterior, protective and strong. This is exactly what you’ll find with people under the Cancer Zodiac sign.

Blue Zodiac Sign Cancer Illustration

Characteristics of the Cancer Zodiac

Personality Traits of a Cancer

Ruled by the moon, as often associated with femininity, the Cancer is a loving maternal person. They are nurturing for the ones that they love and hold close but can seem overprotective and clingy to those who don’t know them well.

Cancers are emotional beings and love to express their inner feelings outwardly. Just like the moon creates the waves of the ocean, Cancers are always riding the waves of emotion. This is both good and bad, and usually a mix of both.

As with inside themselves, a Cancer values emotions and feelings in a relationship with someone. They aren’t so talkative and prefer to express themselves in silence, through emotional expression. The perfect partner can read, understand, and adapt to the ever-changing mood of a Cancer.

Cancer Strengths

Sympathy is a Cancer’s greatest strength. They love to feel for others, embracing any emotions that floods over them. This makes them a great person to confide in, as they appear understanding through any hardship or uncertainty. They truly care for others, which is a quality that is often overlooked or seem as fake.

Cancers always feel out a situation before settling in. This makes them a great judge of character and someone who can carefully survey new surroundings, people, or ideas. This doesn’t mean they aren’t accepting of change, but they are wary and cautious and won’t do anything to put themselves or those they love at risk. Their protective quality can be equated to the sideways walk of the crab, always cautious and keeping their eyes fixed.

You can expect a lifelong friendship with someone born under the Cancer Zodiac sign. They may be difficult at first, but once they open up to you, then you know you’ve got someone to trust with your life and heart.


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Cancer Weaknesses

Cancers are serious homebodies. While that isn’t inherently a bad thing, because everyone should love the home they live in, it does prevent them from going out and exploring the world. The connections they make within their homes and their belongings are hard to break. They will often forgo improvements that come with change for something traditional, something they have known for years.

People ruled by the Crab can be clingy, just like the crab’s claw. They latch on to someone or something and can’t let go. Moving on is tough for a Cancer and usually leads to drowning in a pool of emotions. This clinginess stems from great trust, which makes a Cancer all too easy to be taken advantage of.

As a water sign, those born under the Cancer Zodiac sign absorb toxicity. They end up carrying the emotional baggage of other’s, which is overwhelming and can cause them to be reclusive or wary of the world. Sympathy is a great and powerful characteristic, but it’s one that can be a Cancer’s downfall.

Zodiac Sign Cancer Artwork

Compatibility with a Cancer

Fire Signs Don’t Mix Well with Cancers

Fire signs are impulsive, energetic, and outgoing. This doesn’t blend well with the Cancer’s natural need for security in a home. The emotional volatility of a fire sign can seriously harm a Cancer, creating waves of emotion that are much too large for them to ride on.

Water and Earth Signs Make Great for a Great Pair with Cancer

As Cancer is a water sign, another water sign only adds to their intuition and emotional intellect. There’s an unspoken understanding between two water signs that is impossible to speak in words but is communicated through strong emotional connections.

Earth sings are grounded, which is exactly what a Cancer loves about their own way of life. It’s a naturally complementary pairing of practicality and emotion.

The Mantra for the Cancer Zodiac Sign

As you might expect from such emotion beings, their mantra is “I feel”. They certainly do feel—they feel everything for themselves and for others. It’s brought about by their nurturing nature and need for emotional connection because they’re usually not verbally articulate. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have deep thoughts; they just need emotion to express it.

As a cardinal sign, they do make strong leaders in the sense of the home or community. A true matriarch to care and maintain the health and wellbeing of a family, no matter how large that family is.