The Capricorn Zodiac Sign

The Most Important Facts About the Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Ambition and determination sum up the Sea-Goat. The Capricorn Zodiac sign is the tenth in the Zodiac cycle with a cardinal earth element. They are realists and understand what it takes to get anywhere in life.

When you’re at the office, the person that is always so eager and determined to get a project done without exuding much enthusiasm is probably a Capricorn. They’re realists and want to see things through to the end, but it doesn’t mean they’re happy about it. Keep reading to find the most information facts about the Capricorn Zodiac sign.

An Overview of the Capricorn Zodiac Sign

DatesDecember 21 – January 20
ElementCardinal Earth
Ruling HouseTenth
Ruling PlanetSaturn
SymbolThe Sea-Goat

One step at a time is how a Capricorn lives. They see the road ahead but aren’t so eager to get to the end that they ignore what’s along the way. Instead, they take it all one moment at a time. One task as a time, one conversation at a time, one relationship at a time. It’s a slow and steady life, but one that certainly wins the race. Well, they at least finish the race with 100% completion.

Capricorns are business-like when it comes to life. They are ambitious, sure, but they need to insert practicality into their plan. As an earth sign, they are grounded and firm in their viewpoints but that doesn’t mean they are unwilling to embrace change when necessary.

While not particularly competitive, they do love victory and will cherish even the smallest of victories. It’s what pushes them forward to the next step. There’s a romanticism about taking life one step at a time. To a few other signs, the Sea-Goat is far too slow and methodical, but it’s heartening to see someone feel proud of their accomplishments.

Blue Zodiac Sign Capricorn Illustration

Characteristics of a Capricorn

The Sea-Goat’s Personality Traits

Discipline is at the core of a Capricorn’s personality. Their determination fuels their desire to complete tasks, albeit without enthusiasm most of the time. They are resourceful in this sense because they are perfectly willing to do what’s necessary in order to finish what they’ve started.

The Capricorn is a cardinal sign which gives them leadership qualities, even if they are only really leading themselves. This can be translated into being an achiever. They set their own goals and plan their route for conquering them, no matter how steep the climb is.

Where the Sea-Goat truly shines is in the ability of self-control. They have mastered this skill, knowing their limits, desires, and distractions all while using them to their own advantage. It’s a Capricorn who rewards him or herself after accomplishing something.

Strengths of a Capricorn

People ruled by the Sea-Goat are some of the most responsible people you’ll ever meet. They are self-disciplined to the point of annoyance (from your own jealousy) and can honestly accomplish anything. Or at least anything within their skillset, which they are fully aware of.

They are independent people who push themselves forward personally and professionally. It’s an amazing quality and one that never goes unnoticed, though a Capricorn most likely doesn’t care if you’re aware or not. They’re in it for themselves.

Commitment is at the heart of every Capricorn, whether in relationships or professionally. They commit themselves to a career or to a person entirely. Though it’s a long road, they see it for what it is and map out the best route to take to reach the top. For this, they often receive acclaim later in life after they’ve spent years accumulating achievements.


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Weaknesses for the Capricorn

The drive and inner motivation are sometimes expressed outwardly and onto their friends, partners, and coworkers. For a Capricorn, they think this beneficial. Why not share what’s pushing them forward to everyone else that’s involved? But in reality, this harms those people and forces them into a rhythm that they don’t understand or abide by.

Capricorns are likely to be conservative in their views in the sense that they cannot bend their beliefs for any reason. This makes them incredibly critical of the way other people live or work and stems from a lack or unwillingness to understand other ways of life. People born under the Sea-Goat may take tradition a little too far.

Commitment is something that most people wish upon others, but for the Capricorn Zodiac sign, it can extend into the realm of self-harm. Capricorns can quickly cut themselves out of society and friendships if they feel they haven’t reached their commitments entirely. They make big promises with full intention of fulfilling them, but that isn’t always possible.

Zodiac Sign Capricorn Artwork

Compatibility for the Sea-Goat

Capricorns Should Stay Away from Fire Signs

Earth and fire don’t mix well. Capricorns, the one group of people who absolutely need a plan and thrive on discipline, don’t do well with fiery and spontaneous people. It’s all too fast and headstrong, charging into the world without a care or a plan.

Earth and Water Are Great Complements for the Sea-Goat

Earth and earth keep each other grounded at all times. Sure, it might not be the most adventurous life but it’s safe and steady. Capricorns are happy with the security that comes with practical, grounded thinking.

Water signs promote growth for a Capricorn, complementing their business-y way of life with emotion and vulnerability. Water signs won’t push them out of their comfort zone, instead the Capricorn becomes more in tune with the self.

The Mantra for the Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorns are the voice or responsibility and justice, in a way. “I use” refers to their sense of purpose, their self-discipline and drive that leads to their successful lives. Ruled by Saturn, they have an inherent sense of duty and tradition. With purpose imbued into their livelihood, Capricorns say their mantra with conviction and definition.