The Leo Zodiac Sign

The Best and Worst of the Leo Zodiac Sign

Leos are strong, usually arrogant, people. It’s a strange mixture of warm-heartedness with egocentrism that makes these people such great leaders and surprisingly generous friends or partners.

We all know a Leo, it’s guaranteed. You may easily confuse them on the surface with other fire signs as they all share an explosive quality, but Leos are differentiated by a few respectable factors. Discover the best and worst of the Leo Zodiac sign so you can them in your life better (or kick them to the curb if compatibility is an issue).

Leo Zodiac Sign Overview

DatesJuly 23 – August 22
ElementFixed Fire
Ruling HouseFifth
Ruling PlanetSun
SymbolThe Lion

If the sun were a person, it would be a Leo. Large, oversized, the center of the universe and attention. Everything revolves around a Leo, whether you want it to or not. There’s a gravity about them that draws attention and gets translated into egocentrism, which isn’t far from the truth.

Represented by the Lion, the Leo Zodiac sign provides strength in leadership to its people. They are the rulers, the leaders of the pack, and the beating heart of any relationship they’re in or project they’re working on. It’s admirable even if it’s sometimes overwhelming, as anyone with too big of a personality can be.

Leos are prideful people and demand the respect of others, also accepted in the form of admiration. They want to make their presence known not just as a person, as a leader. They are kings on a throne and often do force others to approach them as if they are majestic in some sense.

Blue Zodiac Sign Leo Illustration

The Characteristics of a Leo

Personality Traits for the Leo

Those ruled by the Lion are assertive and outwardly expressive, rarely keeping their thoughts, feelings, and motives inside. This doesn’t mean they are an open book, though. The information they share is always relevant to their current mission with the expected outcome being other’s will follow.

Leos are passionate beings and fully dedicate themselves to projects or people they love. Their passion easily spreads among their followers, allowing them to create teams through inspiration alone.

These people born under the Leo Zodiac sign are risk-takers and lovers of adventure. They see the world as something of a show where they need to claim center stage, even if that means stealing it from someone else. While a Leo is regal, they aren’t above putting someone down in order to claim their rightful throne.

Leo Strengths

Confidence above all else is the defining characteristic of a Leo’s strength. They are always sure of themselves, rarely questioning their motive or move. The confidence to dive straight into the unknown is an admirable quality. It’s also one that creates their air of gravity, with a gravitational pull for others to join and follow.

Leos are also incredibly loyal, stemming from their sense of pride. When given the praise and adoration they deserve, they can be a friend or partner for life and protect you through your endeavors. They are loyal to the people they love and the decisions they make, rarely undoing what’s already been done and looking forward.

Generosity complements their leadership, as those ruled by the Lion are often perfectly willing to share their wealth. It’s how they express love or appreciation to others. Though not as in tune with their emotions, they certain do feel for the people they hold closest and do what they can to show their affection.


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Leo Weaknesses

Passionate is a great strength, but also a powerful weakness. For the Leo Zodiac sign, being passionate about any one thing can come across as stubborn and blindly prideful. In fact, Leos are so fixated on their opinions, views, and motives that they often forget why they held those views in the first place. Pride can be a nasty thing when it’s displaced in such a way.

Egocentrism rules the Lion’s personality. As with the Sun, Leos truly thinks they are the center of the universe and work tirelessly to prove it or reach that center. In some cases, this can be seen as admirable, but most of the time other’s just view this as arrogance for the sake of arrogance.

Those born under the Leo Zodiac sign are also known to be quite jealous people. They need constant reassurance that they are loved and admired in work and relationships. Because of this, they quickly get jealous if attention suddenly shifts away from them and towards someone else. Having a competitive nature gets them far in life, but it can also lead to their downfall.

Zodiac Sign Leo Artwork

Compatibility for the Leo Zodiac Sign

Water Signs Are Incompatible with Leos

Water and fire are never a good mix unless you want to extinguish a relationship or event. Water signs have too much emotional intellect and can challenge a Leo’s motives too much. While Leos love a challenge, they don’t want their personality and self to be challenged, only their actions in the outside world.

Fire and Air Are Perfect Matches for a Leo

Another fire with the Leo Zodiac sign just adds to the power, impulsiveness, and energy Leos already imbue. They are a perfect match for friendly competition with support and motivation.

Air feeds the fires of a Leo, egging a Leo on to continue down their energetic and egocentric path. They are complementary elements, adding a playfulness to the Leo’s serious competitive nature.

The Leo’s Mantra

“I will” embodies the Leo’s motivation and drive towards something. They are goal-oriented people. While they may not know exactly how they’ll reach victory, they will certainly march down a path they think will lead them there. The Lion is a powerful being with pride at its core. The mantra evokes that pride outwardly, expressing to the world what they intend to do.

Conquers throughout life, “I will” is the beginning of most of their sentences. It’s a vow they make to themselves with an audience to route for them to the end.