The Libra Zodiac Sign

The Libra Zodiac Sign: Characteristics of Those Ruled by the Seventh House

The Scales, a symbol of balance, represents the Libra Zodiac sign. And rightfully so, as Libras are always weighing their options and the facts to create overarching justice for all people. It’s the seventh sign of the Zodiac cycle and is an air sign that signifies consciousness.

If you know someone who is particularly indecisive or always in some sort of internal battle where they weigh the pros and cons of literally everything, they’re most likely a Libra. What follows is the characteristics of the Libra Zodiac Sign, ruler of the seventh house. With the coming information, you’ll learn how to embrace or avoid this air sign to improve your life.

An Overview of the Libra Zodiac Sign

DatesSeptember 23 – October 22
ElementCardinal Air
Ruling HouseSeventh
Ruling PlanetVenus
SymbolThe Scales

Libras are the embodiment of the conscience soul, constantly weighing and judging options, facts, ideas, and people. While judgmental to the core, Libras are kind people who seek out the benefit for all.

While the Scales are commonly known to represent weight and balance, they also represent union to a degree. After all, there are two sides to a scale. The purpose for the Libra to weigh two things isn’t to throw one away and claim the other as a victor. It’s to join them together in harmony. All things call live in the Libra’s world if the abide by the rules, there is always a balance to be achieved.

The Libra Zodiac sign represents the first of six that relate the self to the outside world—a connection between the lesser and the greater. In this, Libras thrive when around other people and hate being alone. They are one part of a team, one side of the scale, and they’re looking to fill the other side with people and things that give balance to their own selves.

Blue Zodiac Sign Libra Illustration

Characteristics of the Libra Zodiac Sign

Personality Traits of a Libra

As a cardinal sign, Libras have the qualities that make for a great leader. This is attributed more in the sense of gathering, creating a team and a mission rather than driving headfirst into the unknown. There is a plan to be made and it all starts with creating a team of people who can use their various strengths towards a common goal.

Those ruled by the Scales are mediators at heart, always ready to negotiate and balance out a crisis. They enjoy being part of something greater, but also knowing they have a hand in creating it. This shouldn’t be confused with egocentrism, as it is happiness that stems from building a greater outer world.

As with all aspects of life, Libras seek balance in their relationships. As an air sign, they are constantly searching for knowledge and that includes a deep emotional connection with another person. They’re looking for their other half to balance themselves out.

Libra Strengths

With Venus, the planet of love and healing, as their ruling celestial body, a Libra’s greatest strength comes from their search for fairness. They will do whatever it takes to create fairness in the world, rarely discriminating against one group in favor of another. This stems from love and equality, a Libra’s ultimate goal.

If you’re in need of someone to talk to, look no further than a Libra. Those who are ruled by the Scales are excellent listeners. Asking their opinion is another story but listening to and understanding the entire perspective of a story is one of their strongest attributes.

Libras are sensitive people, always finding a way to include others in the case of alienation. This also leads them to release any negative feelings towards someone quickly, meaning they rarely hold grudges. They are level-headed people and never expel energy into something so fleeting as a antipathy.


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Libra Weaknesses

Sometimes, those born under the Libra Zodiac sign are too outwardly focused. They may not give themselves enough attention and harm their own health and wellbeing in the process. While this doesn’t sound like the biggest drawback to a Libra, losing the self can lead them down a road to imbalance which affects how they balance the stimuli of the outer world.

They rarely express themselves, leading to emotional suppression that can end with a surprising outburst or internal hatred towards something. It’s a conundrum as Libras are always seeking to help others through fairness yet forget to help themselves.

Librans hate to say no. They often commit to too many people, tasks, or projects with the intention of giving each their full attention. But this is impossible and overwhelming, leading to a lowered self-esteem because they can’t live up to their word. Librans are not particularly energetic people, so over-committing leads to extreme exhaustion and the loss of self.

Zodiac Sign Libra Artwork

Compatibility for the Libra Zodiac Sign

Earth Signs Are the Toughest for a Libra

Air and Earth are something of opposites. Though they do need each other, elementally, they work in different ways, fundamentally. Libras are often free flowing and though they represent firmness in the sense of justice, they are not firm in the location on the Earth as you’ll find with earth signs.

Air, Fire, and Water Signs Are All Compatible with Libra

Air and air are always a good match, bringing out their natural flow of life to a heightened state.

Water signs bring about emotionality for the Libra, who often gets trapped in the ways of the world and suppressed unhealthily.

Fire signs are a direct complement for the Libra. Air feeds the fire, where it can lead a Libra down paths they would never tread with the balance and fairness a fire sign avoids out of ignorance.

The Mantra of a Libra

“I relate” is the perfect phrase for the Libra Zodiac sign. It embodies their sense of purpose, inviting others to share their thoughts and ideas where the Libra can place it on the Scale. Through this phrase, the Libra makes their deepest connections to the world.