The Taurus Zodiac Sign

What You Need to Know About Taurus in the Zodiac

If you’ve ever met someone who loves to win, they might be a Taurus. That sounds like a gambler or someone only in it for the win, but it’s more about seeing something through to the very end. As long as it’s successful.

Taurus is an earth sign and is quite grounded in most sense, though materialism and stubbornness sometimes overtake their for-the-greater-good quality. You’ve surely met a Taurus and once you find out what you need to know about the Taurus Zodiac sign, you’ll definitely who they are in your personal life.

The Taurus Zodiac Overview

DatesApril 20 – May 20
ElementFixed Earth
Ruling HouseSecond
Ruling PlanetVenus
SymbolThe Bull

Don’t be fooled by the Bull being the symbol for Taurus in the Zodiac, they are not particularly bullish or headstrong. Actually, they resist change and stick to what they know work. As the Bull, they are firmly in place, stand their ground, and rarely change their perspective unless totally proven that a new way is better.

Those born in the Taurus Zodiac sign love the reward of the game. This translates mostly to immediate gratification as in with material goods or personal pleasure. Call them a glutton for the material world, they love to revel in what they’ve earned.

Blue Zodiac Sign Taurus Illustration

Taurus Zodiac Characteristics

Personality Traits of a Taurus

Those who are ruled by the Bull are grounded and realistic. They stick to what’s proven, not to the possibility of something. Being an earth sign, they want to stay firm on the ground where they feel secure. That’s not to say they don’t enjoy an adventure every now and then, but they do prefer more material rewards.

This makes them a lover of possessions. A Taurus loves to own some material thing that represents the work they’ve done to earn it. Abstraction is not a quality that exists for the Taurus Zodiac sign, they need the concrete.

They are quite patient people and do take their time completing tasks or working their way towards something as long as they know what’s at the end. Beauty and comfort are the two most appropriate attributes towards a Taurus’s personality. They want to beautify their world, not necessarily your world.

Strengths of a Taurus

A Taurus’s best quality is their reliability. This feeds into other great qualities like patience and consistency, but reliability is how they best interact with others. You can trust someone with the Taurus Zodiac sign as they are firm in their belief that you reap what you sow. This can also be taken literally for them, as they do love material rewards.

This trustworthiness is akin to the seasons or the day/night cycle. We know the sun comes up every morning, that winter is followed by autumn, that death is followed by life. Taurus’ hold this vision close to their hearts and truly cherish what they have in the world.

They have a lot of common sense, always aiming towards practicality over abstraction. The Bull as a fixed sign allows them to be great stabilizers and preservers in relationships. They are honorable, always seeing their commitments to the end and stand steady while doing so.


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Weaknesses of a Taurus

With valuing material things comes possessiveness, which doesn’t translate well to others. A Taurus can be quite stingy and materialistic, focusing far too much on things they own rather than qualities or relationships.

Those under the Bull are creatures of habit. While that isn’t inherently a bad thing, it does infer that a Taurus will stick to their habits even after its usefulness wears out. Because they are so stubborn about adopting new ways, their old habits are continued on to the very end. This is especially true with consumption, as they often adopt poor diets even when they value the finer things in life.

Taurus signs are easily unmotivated or stuck. They cannot be budged or moved from their position until this new position is proven without a doubt to be better. This makes then quite difficult to deal with in work situations or relationships. The certainly don’t make it easy getting past a rough patch in any type of relationship for the exact reason you brought them into your life.

Zodiac Sign Taurus Artwork

Compatibility with a Taurus

Fire and Air Are Not a Good Match for the Bull

Being an earth sign, a Bull that stands his ground, the impulsive and adventurous nature of fire signs is too much for the Taurus to handle. In short bursts, they get along just fine, but it certainly won’t last for the long term. Fire signs are too outgoing and ready to take on the unknown whereas the Taurus wants to build a life of pleasures right here on the ground they stand on.

Air signs move at a far faster past compared to the earthy Taurus who rarely moves. For this, the two don’t get along. Though they do learn from each other, their paces just never sync and any thought of a lasting relationship is quickly thrown aside.

Water and Earth Are Great Matches for a Taurus

Water brings about a nurturing quality to the earthy Taurus. They allow some vulnerability to show through while creating a bond that is equally supportive as it is revealing. Water and earth are complementary elements, so a Taurus matching with any water sign is bound to be fruitful.

The Taurus Zodiac sign with another earth sign is the greatest match possible. They feed off of one another’s stability and practicality. While they won’t gain any new perspectives on life, the Taurus doesn’t care too much about that anyway.

The Taurus Zodiac Mantra

Allowing materialism to run their lives, a Taurus’ mantra is “I have”. How fitting, especially when we consider their love for the reward. Those under the Taurus Zodiac sign surround themselves with material pleasures, though it’s used as a sign of stability. They firmly believe that if you have a house full of things, you’re doing something right in the world.