The Virgo Zodiac Sign

Everything You Need to Know About Virgos

The Maiden or The Virgin, a symbol of scrutiny and purity, represents the sixth Zodiac sign, Virgo. These people are one of the easiest earth signs to point out. This is due to their abilities to think critically—and criticize everything in their path.

Everything you need to know about Virgos is outline here. Scrutiny might be an annoying quality, but once you learn a little more about their way of thinking and life, you’ll be able to use it to your advance. This may even bring about one of the best relationships of your life, depending on your sign.

An Overview of the Virgin, Virgo Zodiac Sign

DatesAugust 23 – September 22
ElementMutable Earth
Ruling HouseSixth
Ruling PlanetMercury
SymbolThe Virgin (also known as The Maiden)

Virgos are critical by nature. How could the not be? After all, they’re represented by the Virgin who is the symbol of purity and perfection. A critical nature can easy turn sour, but for the Virgo it’s often meant to be helpful more than critical for criticism’s sake.

They are investigators, always in search of flaws or perfection—it depends on your outlook. They want things to be 100% true and exact, so their search for flaws within people, ideas, or projects isn’t to point out something bad. It’s more as a way to perfect it and make it flawless without a doubt.

The Virgo Zodiac sign is the embodiment of servitude. They love to serve their loved ones and in their work. Bringing happiness to someone also brings about their own happiness. They have a born duty to serve and usually put that towards the greater good, as they are surprisingly selfless.

Blue Zodiac Sign Virgo Illustration

Virgo Characteristics

Personality Traits of a Virgo

Those ruled by the Virgin are careful beings. They are planners to the end, represented by their need to be flawless and iron over any flaws they come across in life. They can go along with someone who is more spontaneous, and actually enjoy spontaneity in life if it’s brought about by others.

They are grounded beings, as the Maiden is an earth sign. They are firm in their beliefs yet ready and willing to criticize any single aspect. A Virgo knows that one piece cannot represent the whole, and thus they can confirm that something is true while scrutinizing just one piece of it.

In relationships, Virgos are not keen on direct verbal expression. Instead, they rely on intimacy to show how they feel. This is probably because a Virgo often doesn’t believe their own emotion is 100% valid and thus can’t express it verbally, making it permanent in the world.

Virgo Strengths

The strength of the Maiden is found in their mental capacity. They are skillful people, always willing and ready to adapt to new information. Critical thinking is their strong suit, and they are never opposed to replacing old thoughts or ways with new ones if there’s the possibility of perfection.

Virgos are quick learners, picking up on projects, methods, ideas, and people near instantly. Adaptability is in their nature and feeds into their need to serve. They get satisfaction from helping others, showing their understanding of a person, need, or idea. It’s an admirable quality that rarely goes unnoticed for them.

Maybe discerning is the better term for the Virgo. They have quick analytical skills, allowing them organize pieces into categories based on usefulness. It’s what makes them such great writers and organizers in any career. With their cool personalities, though, it may not come across as loving in a relationship.


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Virgo Weaknesses

A Virgo’s great analytical skills often lead to worry and anxiety. If they can’t wrap their head around an idea or find a way to fix some flaw, they will ruminate on it. This isn’t a healthy way to go about life, always lost in thought and choosing to ignore the people right in front of them to prioritize a concept they don’t yet understand. Maybe if they were more outwardly expressive, they could ask for help on the issue.

The Virgin’s need to serve can also get in the way of building a meaningful relationship with someone. They easily identify with the need to please rather than as a human being. Putting service on a pedestal can lead to great success, but one without any recognition.

Even though Virgos are so scrutinizing, they’re actually quite humble people. Represented by a mutable sign, they are more follower than anything and seek perfection for all life, not just their own. However, this modesty leads to self-doubt. More often than not, they think they aren’t good enough for a job, career, or person.

Zodiac Sign Virgo Artwork

Compatibility for the Virgo Zodiac Sign

Relating to Fire Signs Is Toughest for the Maiden

Those ruled by the Maiden are down-to-earth and grounded people. The volatility that comes with fire signs is often too much for a Virgo to handle. They prefer calmer, more collected people rather than those who run on impulse.

Earth and Water Signs Are Best for Virgos

Two earth signs together mean a heavily rooted, steady relationship. They love the stability that comes with earth, as they love their own stability. They can share their understanding of life and what it means to be one with the Earth without much challenge.

Water signs are a direct complement for the Virgo. While Virgo’s can appear cold and contemplative, water signs bring about a sense of vulnerability and emotion that otherwise is lost on the Virgin.

The Virgo Zodiac Sign Mantra

The Virgo Zodiac sign has two mantras, in fact. The first is “I analyze”, representing their skills in criticism and scrutiny. They are quick to analyze a situation, organize the pieces by relevance, and act according to how they prioritize it. It’s all about efficiency for the Virgo, going through life as smoothly as possible.

The other mantra is “I serve”, as the Virgin loves to serve and be helpful. While this quality can easily be taken advantage of, the Virgo usually doesn’t mind and appreciates that they can bring happiness and structure to an otherwise chaotic world.