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zodiac sign cancer and zodiac sign gemini

Cancer & Gemini - Mind Meets Heart

This relationship was not born under a good star. While the Cancer is very security-needy and emotional, these are characteristics that do not belong to the agenda of the zodiac sign Gemini. They seek adventure while the other is content in the comfort of their own home. A cozy movie night makes the Gemini think about escape. Moreover, Gemini is too volatile for the zodiac sign Cancer.

The Cancer thinks about a joint family at an early stage of the relationship and already envisions it in all clarity, while the Gemini is not even sure if they are actually in a serious relationship at this point. But not only in this point, the Gemini and the Cancer do not fit together well. Communication is difficult between these very different zodiac signs as well. The Gemini likes to think and speak about life objectively and factually. The Cancer, on the other hand, is very subjective and emotional in their language. Sooner or later, this leads to a lot of misunderstandings and frequent arguments, because both simply communicate on a different level.

A couple that overcomes any obstacle

If the two want a lasting relationship with each other nevertheless, this means a great deal of willingness to compromise. They have to learn to understand each other. How does the other think? What is important to them? What are their limits? Perhaps they will manage to find themselves in the middle, provided that the will and willingness and, above all, plenty of patience are present. If they succeed, they can lead the way as an exemplary couple that can overcome any obstacle.

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Gemini Man and Cancer Woman

First of all, it should be mentioned that there is a lot of hidden potential here: Every challenge also is an opportunity for life. This optimism should appeal especially to the Gemini man. Here, two different philosophies of life collide: the eternal bachelor Gemini and the homely Cancer woman don't have much in common. It may well be that she is initially taken with his charm and easygoing manner and he perceives her reticence as a challenge, but they both soon realize that they expect different things from life.

Later, the world is turned upside down. The Cancer woman, timid and shy at first, becomes more engaging and self-confident over time. She clearly expects more from a relationship than the Gemini man does. While she dreams of owning a home with children, he's pondering whether they can call themselves a couple yet. In this respect, the first difficulties arise here at the latest, if it comes to that.

He may convince her at first, but it can quickly happen that the Gemini man hurts the sensitive Cancer woman by his teasing and direct manner without realizing it. Most Cancer women are not up for an affair, they want a reliable and faithful partner rather than a man for one night. In general, he is too volatile and flighty in type for the Cancer woman, who longs for security and safety. 

Only if both are ready for compromise, and at the same time do not give up themselves or bend too much, these two have a chance for a happy relationship. A friendship would be more rewarding than seeking salvation in a relationship, because in this constellation, both have enough non-commitment and fewer expectations to get to know each other better.

Gemini Woman and Cancer Man

Teddy bear instead of pit bull

It is problematic to imagine this zodiac constellation beyond the first date. There already are big differences during the first flirts. While the Cancer man is quite empathetic and charming, he is more of a teddy bear than a pit bull. Whether he can keep up with the sassy, strong Gemini woman is quite doubtful. The Cancer man is very emotional and sensitive, and the Gemini woman's teasing nature alone can make him feel insecure when flirting. The unattached and freedom-loving Gemini woman also does not like to commit as much as the Cancer man does. He, who is strongly guided by emotions, tends to scare her off with this. 

They have to meet halfway

While she certainly appreciates his romantic gestures, it has to come to that first. For the Cancer man, she sometimes is not homely enough. They get together other best when the Gemini woman feels ready for family and children and would like to settle down after seeing half the world. In this scenario, the Cancer man could be a good candidate for her and they complement each other brilliantly. 

In a modern marriage, she can continue to plan her career while the Cancer man takes care of the family. Nevertheless, the Gemini woman should put family first if she does not want to make her loved one dissatisfied and jealous in the long run. Here, as with everything in life, it comes down to finding the right balance. If the Cancer man can take more time for himself and she makes it clear to him that flirting is no longer for her, they can meet in the middle and absolutely learn with and from each other.


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